DAYHIM Innovation Factory

Building the future

About us

Dayhim Innovation and Acceleration Factory, intends to create a mutual constructive interaction with universities and the private sector to become a national role-model in sustainable development and value-creation. The strategic goal is to use international experience via international collaboration and practical attendance in global technology markets.
Acceptance of agricultural product-oriented startups in Deyhim Innovation and Acceleration Factory
Product-based startups in the field of agriculture and knowledge-based companies in the field of cultivation, holding and harvesting in 3 groups: idea, primary product, commercialization and mass production can use the services and services of this factory.

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Competitive Advantage

The difference between Dayhim Innovation and Acceleration Factory
The main difference between the activities of Deihim Technology Factory and other growth and technology centers in Iran is in the production of technology-based products.
The factory specializes in agriculture and related industries.

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Our Focus

On Industrial and AgTech
Agriculture (production, holding, harvesting)
Livestock and poultry (maintenance, feed)
Aquaculture (maintenance, feed)
Fertilizer and pesticides
Seeds (flowers, vegetables, summer)

On Art and Creativity
art clony
art residency


Our Services

Dayhim Innovation factory delivers multiple services for different sectors and company sizes. some of our main services are listed below :

Working Space

Our Co-Working space aims to provide a innovative space for SME companies who wants to stay away from hectic in-city offices or need to use our other services


In the factory we have different labs including: IOT and AR/VR laboratories. these labs aims to provide services to those companies that can't purchase the proper devices for their researches.


One of our focuses is to find talented teams or companies and invest on them or introduce them to our network o investors. this could be under our acceleration program or as a fully funded investment


There is always a need for experts in different fields. knowing that we design multiple hand-on experience courses and boot-camps in the factory in order to fulfill this need

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Our facility

Working Space: 170,000 meters
Production hall: 30,000 meters
Office space: 16,000 meters
Conference room: 6 available
Accelerators: 2 available (Agtech, Art)
Accommodation: 64 bed
Parking area: unlimited
Care and Restaurant: 2 available
Electricity: 1000 MW available
Internet: wifi 20MB
Security: 24h


Our Facilities

in the factory we have different facilities for you and your team's comfort

Hustle & VIP Suits

The Factory has a 140 bed hustle and 8 VIP suits.
This facility will help those companies that their employees are from other cities.

Restaurant & Coffee shops

The factory has a restaurant and 2 coffee shop inside the campus one with outdoor lounges and the other a self-service coffee area

Conference Hall

We have a medium sized conference room which you can use for your events and/or meeting, presentation etc.


For those who stay in the factory or anyone who is interested in a healthy life style we made a gym both for women and men within the campus.


Dayhim Investment Group
Dayhim Investment Group
Science and Technology Vice-Presidency
Science and Technology Vice-Presidency