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Our Focus

On Industrial
Agriculture (production, holding, harvesting)
Livestock and poultry (maintenance, feed)
Aquaculture (maintenance, feed)
Fertilizer and pesticides
Seeds (flowers, vegetables, summer)

On Producing product
Smart greenhouses
Hydroponic cultivation
 areasAeroponic cultivation
Production of agricultural robots
IOT (Control, Irrigation and 2)
Unmanned aerial vehicles (maintenance, spraying, etc.)

Idea Group:
A team that has worked together full time and for at least a year and has designed one or two products.
(Investment up to 1.5 billion Tomans in the form of a startup)

Primary product group:
A team or company with at least one year of experience in designing one or two finished or pre-sold products.
 (Investing in the company up to 3 billion Tomans or participating in product production)

Production group:
A company with a history of 3 to 5 years that has a product produced and marketed and needs capital to develop sales and production line.
(Investing in the company up to 5 billion Tomans or participating in product production)

Companies with knowledge-based products are at the forefront of acceptance….Pursue web-enabled niche markets with professionals