Co-Working space & Accelerator

a unique industrial space, away from hectic city


The landscape of the office workplace is changing

With the current economical situation its rare that a startup can rent a fully furnished office. As a result more and more startups are heading towards working in share offices and co-working spaces. Aside from that another reason that startups (& also mid-sized companies) are moving in shared offices, is the services that those offices provide (e.g. internet, electricity, food etc.)

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Consultation services

We have a team of inhouse consultants & mentors for your teams

In Dayhim Innovation and Acceleration Factory's co-work we are partnered with Rayzanpars Consulting group so that every team that works in our space or is in our accelerator can use their help and services.


Shared Services

Every team that works in our co-working space can use all the services in the factory. (for more information about the services visit the facilities page)
Some of these services such as internet, prints, self-service coffee area, are included in your package. For using other services (such as using the IOT and AR/VR lab) extra charges will be added.

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