Facilities for your comfort

in the factory we have different facilities for you and your team’s comfort


Since you might have guests or your team could be from other cities, we have provided a 140 bed hustle for you

VIP Suites

For your VIP guests or higher level employees we made 8 VIP suits near the administration office


For the ease of access and the comfort of people working inside the factory, we provide a in house restaurant and coffee area with lounges inside the garden.

Coffee shop

We have 2 coffee shops within the factory, one as a self service coffee area in the second floor of co-working space and a second next to the restaurant with outdoor lounges


For those who stay within the campus we provide laundry services


Since the campus is located in a huge land (170,000 square meter) we provided a full time 24/7 security system and guards for your safety


For those who stay in the factory or anyone who is interested in a healthy life style we made a gym both for women and men within the campus.

Conference Hall

We have a medium sized conference room which you can use for your events and/or meeting, presentation etc.

Play Grounds

For entertainment of you team members we made a play ground which you can play futsal, football, volleyball etc.