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About US


Poonel company started its career in 1976, prefabricated wooden homes were its first stage production which were built and delivered in a considerable number to some parts of south, in Iran. As the success grew large, new products such as first generation kitchen cabinets were built, polished and delivered. Poonel group factories obtained the required licenses and moved to its current place in Hesar-Amir, Khavaran road in 1991. Factory’s total area is 180.000 square meters, 48.000 square meters of the area is designed for warehouse and indoors. After decades of success, sanctions banned imports for plates in 2019 and the huge rate of fund turnover put the company in many troubles and Poonel had to abandon the production. But this was not the end, the Dayhim innovation factory was born out of it.

Until after several decades of successful work in 2009 due to sanctions and the impossibility of importing press plates to Iran, as well as the high volume of capital turnover, which is facing transportation problems; Unwanted Punel had to stop production.
But this was not the end of the factory’s work, but the birth of the Dehim Innovation and Acceleration Factory


Dayhim Innovation and Acceleration Factory, located in Pakdasht, was established in 2018 with the cooperation of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

The first phase of the factory was completed in April 2016, and now the product-based startups in the field of agriculture and knowledge-based companies in the field of cultivation, harvesting and harvesting in 3 groups: idea, primary product, commercialization and production of the product in bulk can use the services of this factory.

Our Mission

Provide an ecosystem for the production and development of agricultural products

Help commercialize and enter the market of subsidiaries

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Our Vission

50 Product and technology-based company in 3 years

3000 Direct and indirect job in 3 years

50 to 100 percentage of productive improvement in the agricultural industry

Our Team

Meet our small team that make those great products.

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Houman Dayhimi

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Ali Basirian

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Shayan Shalileh
Board Advisor

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Amirhossein Fekrati
Administration Manager